Golden Copper Rose

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Introducing the most INCREDIBLE glitter EVER!! Let’s face it, there are heaps of products on the market that look sparkly in the glossy photos, but the moment you apply it on your face paint or make-up, it SMEARS your lovely paint, or it has so little glitter in it that you have to paint 3 layers just to have it show up in a photo! aARGGGHhh!!

BUT with the BREAKTHROUGH formula used for ESSENTIAL GLITTER‘S fabulous COSMETIC GRADE glitter blends, you can now paint with confidence knowing our fantastic NON-SMEAR formula is going to enhance your finished look instead of ruin it. WHY is this product SO different from the others?? Look at the ingredients list of the other products (even some long established professional brands) the first ingredient is NOT glitter, so the glitter product is a whole lot more ‘product’ than ‘glitter’, and THAT‘S the ESSENTIAL difference, we are proud to say the first ingredient is what it should be…… GLITTER!!!!

We blend soft paraffin wax with NATURAL beeswax and PURE essential oils to suspend the glitter, and the end result is a highly concentrated, sparkling marvel that is resistant to weather changes, and even better….TIME; hang on time? YES time, because this product does not age, expire, loose it’s shine or dehydrate like gel products do, really who wants to have to ‘REFRESH‘ their glitter? shouldn’t it be great from start to finish, WELL now it will be!

Don’t like using an oil based product? We’ve got you covered, (in glitter, cos we love covering people in glitter), for those who prefer to mix with Aloe or apply dry glitter, all ESSENTIAL cosmetic grade glitter blends are able to be purchased in dry packs, just Make sure to note that you want a DRY mix when ordering.

There are both SPARKLING colour blends and eye popping UV blends to choose from, see the list below to make your choice and simply enter your selections on the ‘STORE‘ tab of this website along with your preferred payment method, by paypal or credit card and before you know it you will be rocking the most STUNNING glitter look ever invented!!

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5gm Sample size, 10gm Regular size, 20gm Professional size


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