About Us

Fascinated by colour and nature at a very young age, Incendium artist Nicole takes the word artist and redefines its description.

With a crafting business background from the tender age of 10 this talented artist started the business with the leather scraps kindly donated from an old boot maker, after many pieces of leather art were made for friends and family, Nicole’s work was praised by Ovium jewellery shop of Brunswick, and she began consignment there in 2013, this led to consignment in other shops including renowned Belgrave artist haven, Limerence, The Rose Street Market and many other markets and festivals.

Taking the hobby of Henna tattooing and adding that to the festivals and agricultural shows, this self taught lovely was not content to stay still! Taking face painting lessons from the award winning talent of ‘Fairytales Face Painting’ artist, Deborah Firth, Nicole now offers beautiful face painting for children and adults (specialising in UV painting), modern coloured and natural henna tattoos, handmade leather jewellery, kits and classes, and hand dyed cruelty free feather hair extensions.

Take a stroll through the gallery to view the amazing talents Nicole has to offer.

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